Backyard/Pool Area 2

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26 Gilwell Road,

Status: Under Construction

Design Team: Jenifer Smith, Sharen Bidaisee, Robert Thompson, Rygelle Dowding

26 Gilwell Rd. is a residential project in Northeast Trinidad. The site is in a fairly dense residential area with neighbours on three sides. The clients requested a more modern look with exposed steel, glass and stone as well as an unconventional roofline.

One unique feature is a thick dividing wall along the center of the house to create both a visual and functional divide between the public and private spaces of the home. This separates areas used for entertaining company, such as the spacious living and dining rooms, from areas such as the kitchen, laundry, gym, etc. Upstairs there are five bedrooms each with an en suite bathroom as well as a library/family room area.

Along the East side of the upper floor there is a verandah with a full height, decorative privacy screen. This space cantilevers out over the main entrance walkway. Also framing this path is a fish pond running the entire length on the East side. This path not only leads to the main entrance of the house, but also to the spacious back yard with a pool, stand alone pool house and porch space off of the main living room covered by a glass canopy.