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The original house was designed by the architect Anthony C. Lewis in the 1960s. The main volume was set on pilotis and provided well proportioned and naturally ventilated spaces with extensive views to the Gulf of Paria. However during the ensuing 20 years the owners filled in the lower floor and extended the house to cater for their expanding family. It was eventually sold and the new owner required the house be upgraded extensively and extended to include a pool and terraces to provide a family home for the executive rental market.

The project respects the layout of the original design as far as possible and provides a very large kitchen/family room, areas for entertaining and formal dining as well as 4 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and a play room at the upper level. Consideration was given to providing security without excessive burglar proofing and to maximise the views to the south and provide well-shaded and ventilated spaces, which could also be air-conditioned if required.

Goodwood Avenue House,

photography by Alex Smailes